About the team!

Ali Lanning

Author, CEO

Ali Lanning
  • Product Owner (SaaS, enterprise software)
  • Proposition Development
  • Editorial and Content
  • UX Research and Design
  • Raised by teachers
  • Taught by parenting

Dan Maxwell

Chief Creative Officer

Dan Maxwell
  • Graphic Design
  • UI Design
  • UX and User Research
  • Illustration – Graphic Novels

Gareth Williams

App Development Director

Gareth Williams
  • Unity Certified Developer
  • Indie game dev extrordinair
  • Unity/C#/.NET/Mono and HTML5
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM (which he doesn't like to talk about)

Kieron Lanning

Chief Technology Officer

Kieron Lanning
  • Technical leadership
  • Software architect/ engineer (SaaS, enterprise, games)
  • .NET Core
  • Cloud (Azure, Docker, Kubernetes)
  • World’s Best Dad (according to his mug)